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Procedures - Cosmetic Surgery


A neck lift is a surgical procedure designed to give better definition to the neck and angle of the jaw.

This procedure tightens the muscles running down the neck (platysma) and removes excess fat and skin. Liposuction may be used to remove some of the fat. Following a neck lift you will have a permanent scar under the chin and/or behind the ears.

Are there options to improve the appearance of the neck?

Other procedures address the neck area and may be more appropriate either on their own or in combination with a neck lift. This will depend on your particular circumstance and goals. Your surgeon will discuss these with you.

Liposuction alone: Removing fat alone may be sufficient. This is only suitable where there is a little excess of fat or excellent skin tone. 


Lower face lift: This addresses signs of aging in both the lower face and neck area. It is often performed in conjunction with a neck lift, where the face lift procedure alone will not achieve the desired neck definition. 


Chin implant: Lack of neck definition can be caused by a small chin. This will not be corrected by a neck lift. The surgical solution for this is a chin implant.

What are the risks?

Overall, this is a safe procedure with few complications, however, like all cosmetic procedures there are risks involved. There are general risks associated with surgery as well as risks specific to this procedure. Your surgeon will discuss these with you during your consultation. You should then reassess whether the procedure is right for you. Problems include injury to the nerves causing loss of motion, muscle weakness or persistent areas of numbness. As with all surgeries problems may arise related to anaesthesia, bleeding, infection or scarring.


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